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If you need a business lawyer in Austin TX that you can trust, look no further than Quest Business Law PLLC. From business formation, to contract drafting and review, to trademark registration and more, Attorney Allison Higgins can help protect your business. Quest™ helps businesses in all industries ranging from mobile apps, medical practices, online stores, and more. If you need a business lawyer in Austin TX or anywhere else in Texas, you can depend on Quest Business Law PLLC.

How Quest™ Helps Texas Businesses

Quest™ handles a wide range of legal services involving business formation work as well as transactional work such as contract review, drafting, and business transactions. The bulk of our practice deals with preparing and reviewing a variety of documents for our clients including operating agreements, service agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and more. We can also handle defense matters when your business needs it.

Do You Need A Texas Small Business Lawyer?

Nearly every business will need a lawyer at some point. Why not work with one from the very beginning? This will allow you to get your business set up correctly from the very start and to protect your company from a financial, legal, and reputational standpoint throughout the life of the business.

Here are a few business law services that we offer:

  • LLC Formation – Every business should be properly formed as some kind of business entity rather than a sole proprietorship or general partnership in order to protect your personal assets. The most common business entity is an LLC because they are easy and affordable to set up, and have less formal requirements than corporations. Quest can help make sure your LLC is filed correctly and answer any questions you have about starting your business.
  • Operating Agreements – This is a document that lays out how your business will be run and what happens in certain situations. These documents are incredibly important if there is more than one owner of a business.
  • General Counsel Services – Sometimes your legal needs don’t fall squarely into one of our other categories, but we can still help. If you need other legal documents drafted or need other legal advice, you can still count on Quest to provide these services.
  • Trademark Registration – Protect your business and your brand with federal trademark registration. This is something else that is best done sooner rather than later. Unlike my law firms who offer this as a side service, our firm was founded to help businesses protect their intellectual property. Our attorney has done intellectual property work for small businesses starting in law school.
  • Contract Drafting & Review – As an Austin TX business owner, you will most certainly have to deal with a few contracts, sometimes before you even open shop. This may include real estate leases, franchise agreements, and licensing agreements. Our attorney will review these documents to let you know if there’s anything you should be concerned about, as well as draft alternate provisions if needed. If you need custom contracts drafted for your business, we can do that too.
  • Cease & Desist Letters – Is someone using your name, logo, music, or some other work you created? We can help stop them. Cease and desist letters are an affordable first step in getting someone to stop committing copyright and trademark infringement. There are several different kinds of C&D letters, so it is best to have an attorney draft one to make sure it is done correctly.

These are just a few examples. But a misstep in any of these areas can be very costly to you, especially as a small business just getting started. Unfortunately, we get calls every day from local businesses who did not protect themselves from the beginning and are now facing legal troubles. You may need the assistance of an experienced Austin business lawyer who can handle these issues properly.

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Quest Business Law specializes in trademark registration, copyright registration, IP law, business law and more. We serve business clients all over the state of Texas, and trademark clients all over the country.

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